ColdFusion Hosting

High Performance Local SSD - Raid 10 Storage

ColdFusion Hosting Features

ColdFusion Enterprise

We provide Adobe ColdFusion Enterprise version 10, under OS Windows Server 2012 R2 x 64, Data Bases MSSQL Server 2014/2012, MySQL, .NET, Access

Custom Tags allowed

We support all “Custom tags” with the exception of those that compromise server security. Also the extras .cfx with its own .dll We also include all the Standard Tags of ColdFusion

Unlimited ColdFusion DSNs

You can use all the ColdFusion DSN, unlimited ODBC connections, MSSQL and MySQL databases that your application needs, in the best Control Panel on the Market: Plesk

Maximum Performance

You have 100% of the System Resources. World Class Data Centers with DDoS Protection and an IP-based Firewall for your server’s Security and Performance

Low Server Density

We keep our servers extremely stable by not loading up a server with hundreds of websites. We have a strict 70 domains per server policy

Incredibly Fast SSD Hosting

Our storage arrays are 100% Solid State Drives (SSD). Our typical configuration for these incredibly fast drives is 12x600gb in performance enhancing RAID 10

Plans and Pricing



Per Month

      •       1 Domain/WebSite
      •       3 GB Disk Space
      •       Unlimited Bandwidth
      •       20 Emails boxes 1 MySQL DB
      •       Balanced CPU use



Per Month

  •       3 Domains/WebSites
  •       6 GB Disk Space
  •       Unlimited Bandwidth
  •       Unlimited Emails & Bases
  •       Balanced CPU use



Per Month

  •       5 Domains/WebSites
  •       10 GB Disk Space
  •       Unlimited Bandwidth
  •       Unlimited Emails & DBs
  •       100% CPU and RAM use

ColdFusion Lucee 5?

ColdFusion VPS?

Complete Specifications ColdFusion Hosting

Processors Dual E5

RAM 512 GB Memory 

Hard Disks SSD 5 TB Raid 10

Weekly Backups via ClusterLogics

Windows 2012

SQL Server 2014

Unlimited Add-On Domains

Unlimited Domains Aliases

Unlimited Sub-Domains

Unlimited MSSQL & MySQL Data Bases

Unlimited Bandwidth

Elegant Online File Manager

Webmails: Smartmail & MailEnable

Password Protected Folders

ASP.Net Enterprise Manager

Plesk Vault Application Installer 

Stats: Awstats & Webalizer

Free Schedule Tasks – Cron Jobs

Unlimited POP3 Email Accounts

Unlimited Email Forwarders

Unlimited Auto-Responders

Full IMAP Support

Anti-Virus Scanner

SpamAssassin SPAM Filter

Unlimited Mailing Listings

SPAM Filter MagicSpam

Customized MX Registries 

Webmails: Smartmail & MailEnable

SPF Registry Control

DKIM Registry Manager

ColdFusion Enterprise 2018/2016/11/10

Personalized Tags

Unlimited DSN

Microsoft ASP

SQL Server 2014/2012/2008

PHP 5.4  5.5  5.6  7.0  7.1  7.2x

ASP.NET 4.5 & Unlimited ODBC

SQL Enterprise Manager

CGI – Python – Perl

Unlimited MSAccess Data Bases

Unlimited MSSQL & MySQL Data Bases

Dedicated IIS App Pool