Crystal Reports Hosting

High Performance Local SSD - Raid 10 Storage

Crystal Reports Hosting Features

Maximum Performance

You have 100% of the System Resources. World Class Data Centers with DDoS Protection and an IP-based Firewall for your server’s Security and Performance

Low Server Density

We keep our servers extremely stable by not loading up a server with hundreds of websites. We have a strict 70 domains per server policy

Incredibly Fast SSD Hosting

Our storage arrays are 100% Solid State Drives (SSD). Our typical configuration for these incredibly fast drives is 12x600gb in performance enhancing RAID 10

Plans and Pricing



Per Month

      •       1 Domain/WebSite
      •       3 GB Disk Space
      •       Unlimited Bandwith
      •       20 Email boxes-1 MySQL DB
      •       Shared Server



Per Month

  •       1 Domain/WebSite
  •       6 GB Disk Space
  •       Unlimited Bandwidth
  •       Unlimited Emails & DataBases
  •       Balanced CPU & RAM use



Per Month

  •       1 Domain/WebSite
  •       10 GB Disk Space
  •       Unlimited Bandwidth
  •       Unlimited Emails & DBs
  •       100% CPU & RAM use

Complete Specifications Crystal Reports Hosting

Processors Dual E5

RAM 512 GB Memory

Hard Disks SSD 5 TB Raid 10

Weekly Backups via ClusterLogics

Windows 2012 or Better

SQL Server 2014 or Better

Unlimited Add-On Domains

Unlimited Domains Aliases

Unlimited Sub-Domains

Unlimited MSSQL & MySQL Data Bases

Unlimited Bandwidth

Elegant Online File Manager

Webmails: Smartmail & MailEnable

Password Protected Folders

ASP.Net Enterprise Manager

Aplication Installer

Stats: Awstats & Webalizer

Free Schedules Tasks – Cron Jobs 

Unlimited POP3 Email Accounts

Unlimited Email Forwarders

Unlimited Auto-Responders

Full IMAP Support

Anti-Virus Scanner 

SpamAssassin SPAM Filter 

Unlimited Mailing Lists

MagicSpam SPAM Filter 

Customized MX Records

Webmails: Smartmail & MailEnable

SPF Records Control 

DKIM Records Manager

Microsoft ASP

SQL Server 2014/2012/2008

PHP 5.4  5.5  5.6  7.0  7.1  7.2x

ASP.NET 4.5 & Unlimited ODBC

SQL Enterprise Manager

CGI – Python – Perl

Unlimited MSAccess Data Bases

Unlimited MSSQL & MySQL Data Bases

IIS App Dedicated Pool