Dedicated Servers

Own Your Physical & Private Server. Powerful, Secure & Stable

Dedicated Servers Features

Maximum Performance

You get 100% of the System Resources. World Class Data Centers with DDoS Protection and IP-based Firewalls for the Best Security and Performance of your server.

24/7 Premium & Live Support

Proactive Server Monitoring, we shall restore any services if it fails to restart. Contact us by Email, Tickets, LiveChat, Skype, Whatsapp & TeamViewer, at any time all the time.

Professional Managed Support

We perform all System Administration tasks on your Server. We are experts at all Software Programs and provide Full Support for any problem related to them.

Plans And Pricing

Intel Processors - Self Managed
CPU SpeedRAMStorageBandwidthPrice
Intel Xeon 2x L54208 x 2.5 GHz +HT16 GB DDR3500 GB HDD33 TB$70
Intel Xeon 2x L563016 x 2.13 GHz +HT24 GB DDR3500 GB HDD33 TB$100
Intel i3-32254 x 3.3 GHz +HT8 GB DDR32 x 2000 GB HDD33 TB$105
Intel Xeon 2x E553016 x 2.4 GHz +HT24 GB DDR3500 GB HDD33 TB$107
Intel i5-4690K4 x 3.5 GHz +HT16 GB DDR31000 GB HDD33 TB$107
Intel Xeon 2x E564524 x 2.4 GHz +HT24 GB DDR3500 GB HDD33 TB$120
Intel i7-2700K8 x 3.5 GHz +HT16 GB DDR3250 GB SSD + 500 GB HDD33 TB$130
Intel Xeon 2x E564524 x 2.4 GHz +HT48 GB DDR3120 GB SSD or 1000 GB HDD33 TB$165
Managed Dedicated Servers
CPU SpeedRAMStorageBandwidthPrice
Intel Xeon E3-1230 v24 x 3.3 GHz +HT8 GB DDR31 TB SATA II15 TB$197
Intel Xeon E3-1270 v34 x 3.5 GHz +HT16 GB DDR31 TB SATA II15 TB$279
Intel Xeon E3-1275 V54 x 3.5 GHz +HT16 GB DDR31 TB SATA II15 TB$359

All Managed Dedicated Servers also include:

  • 5 Dedicated IPs IPv4
  • RAID-10 Configuration
  • OS & Control Panel
  • Full Root Access
  • DDoS Protection
  • Migration Assistance
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Multiple Locations

Full Dedicated Servers Features

Hardware replacement – Customized Load Balancer – Private VLAN with redundant gateway – Customized Processor – Increase memory – System Administrator – Hardware/Software RAID – Automated OS patching & updates – Hardware DDoS Mitigation – Server Compromise Tests – Automated cPanel & WHM or Plesk Updates – Enhanced security (CSF/LDF or OSsec) – Hardware/Software Firewalls – Secure dedicated backup – Advanced backups (hardware RAID) – Database Backup Agents for MySQL – System Performance Monitoring – Disk Capacity Monitoring & Altering – Server Performance Reports – Bandwidth Utilization – DNS manager – Web Analytics – NGINX, Varnish, custom LAMP stack – Database Clusters

Your data is important to you and us and we do not risk it with sub-par hardware. We only use Branded Hardware from our wide range of vendors. Our infrastructure largely comprises of Dell and SuperMicro Servers. They are located in state-of-the-art rackmount-based that are designed for high and continual performance in the Data Center environment. Servers with incredibly powerful Intel Xeon Processors, hot swap drive bays, enterprise-edition hard drives, and ECC RAM.

All of our Managed Dedicated Servers plans come with unlimited number of SSL Certificates. Secure your own website, offer Free SSL Certificates to your customers and have this competitive edge in the market.

We are proud to operate on a separate Cisco/Brocade-powered network, connected to Level3, Highwinds, HE, Cogent and Integra. The private peering allows a stable connectivity, as well as the ability to quickly troubleshoot and solve problems in case of a malfunction.

All our servers are designed to keep your privacy intact. Our products enable seamless access to cutting-edge server hardware and related technologies. Whether you want high availability, premium network connectivity, or improve your data security, our secure dedicated servers are well-equipped to satisfy all your business needs.