Our Network


Our Networks and Data Centers

We currently provide Web Services from 10 locations worldwide, all hosted in Tier III and Tier IV Data Centers. Those locations include: Dallas, TX, Ashburn, VA, Atlanta GA, Phoenix, AZ, London, United Kingdom, Amsterdam NL, Serbia, RS, Singapore SG, Tokyo, JP, and Sydney, AU. Each location is powered by Tier 1 and Tier 2 transit providers for optimal network connectivity. All of our facilities use Cisco and Juniper network hardware along with UPS battery backups and Diesel generators for extended periods without local power.

Features & Specifications

Customized DDoS Protection

It prevents your service from being affected by other customers who receive DDoS attacks. Automatic notifications with sample traffic if your service is being attacked by DDoS. Prevents large DDoS attacks from causing unwanted bandwidth excesses. It automatically cancels the routes of the IP address directed towards our providers.

Always Updated Hardware

The connection load is balanced and redundant between switches and providers. Administration Cards and Power Supplies are redundant on each switch. We have In Situ Hardware spare parts for all equipment and in all Data Centers. We have Gigabit Ports for all Servers, and 10Gb Network Ports among our teams.

Proactive Monitoring

We perform constant ping tests outside the network and technicians are always notified. The monitors of each NOC show statistics and a live network weather map, the graphs show Mbps, PPS, switch health, Data Center temperature monitors. We have monitoring for early alerts before a problem affects a service.

CD Content Distribution Network

Terapower can provide you with Akamai. This is a site acceleration service provider and CDN. An innovator in Cloud Acceleration Technologies. Akamai offers an Integrated Set of Web and Mobile Acceleration Services from its 30 global distributed points of presence (POP). Akamai accelerates billions of transactions for millions of Internet users worldwide.

Scalable Topology

Each Data Center is endorsed by the Uptime Institute Tier 3 Tier 4. We operate with a pure Layer-3 network design with each server connected directly to a physical switch through a 2×1 Gbps or 2×10 Gbps SFP + copper connection. This provides an elastic network in the style of Cloud without the slowness that is often associated with multiple overlays.

“World Class” facilities

Clean and Uninterruptible Energy backed by redundant power supplies, generators and UPS systems, including four primary and two secondary UPS systems, on-site fuel generators and storage and a centralized chilled water plant with multiple redundant chillers. Multiple levels of security access control systems, such as biometric fingerprint scanners with PIN code and CCTV 24×7.