Managed KVM Linux VPS

Fully Managed - Fast SSD Hard Disks - cPanel/WHM Included

Managed KVM Linux VPS Features

Managed VPS Support

We provide all the necessary support for the best performance of your VPS without extra charge. We will solve any problem related to your configuration.

Free Control Panel

The VPS Managed by us include Free cPanel/WHM ideal for site administration. You can create so many Reseller accounts that fit in your account.

KVM & SSD Hard Disks

KVM has its own Kernel and Dedicated Resources. All our VPSs use 100% Flash SSD Rigid Disks. Ultra Fast, Reliable and with Unbeatable Uptime.

Free VPS Migration

If your previous VPS uses cPanel/WHM, we can migrate it for Free. Just provide us with the Login details and our Migration Experts will gladly do it for you.

24/7/365 Premium Support

You can always contact us by Email, Tickets, LiveChat, Skype, Whatsapp and TeamViewer, at any time, all the time and get knowledgeable support.

Free SSL Certificates

Get your https:// for your domains. Protect all your clients’ private information, such as credit card numbers and passwords, against Hackers.

Managed KVM Linux VPS Plans & Pricing



Per Month

  • 4 vCPU KVM
  • 2 GB RAM Guaranteed
  • 40 GB SSD Space Disk
  • 1 TB Bandwidth
  • cPanel/WHM included



Per Month

  • 4 vCPU KVM
  • 4 GB RAM Guaranteed
  • 80 GB SSD Disk Space
  • 2 TB Bandwidth
  • cPanel/WHM included



Per Month

  • 6 vCPU KVM
  • 6 GB RAM Guaranteed
  • 120 GB SSD Disk Space
  • 3 TB Bandwidth
  • cPanel/WHM included

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Full Managed KVM Linux VPS Features

Faster Managed Linux VPS Web Hosting

A virtual private server (VPS) allows you to host software applications (extranet, portal, wiki, collaborative solutions, CRM, etc.) and websites (e-commerce, media, content, storefront) with efficiency and ease. It allows you to isolate one application from the other within the same container. The VPS container may share infrastructure or physical resources with other containers, but its resources are dedicated to your processes. Our Managed VPS solutions give you the developer friendly solutions like PHP and Apache while giving you the room to install an SSL certificate or other software without a dedicated server. Our Managed Linux VPS hosting is best for companies who want more power than a Shared Hosting account, but with the same ease of use.

In business, as your web presence grows, so should your web hosting capabilities. That’s where managed virtual private server hosting comes in. With a VPS server you get a solution that fits your requirements, applications and growth. The cPanel control panel can streamline and automate the essential tasks that keep your site running.

A managed VPS hosting plan Terapower Hosting can save you time and money, ensure the well-being of your server and reduce your expenditures. It doesn’t matter what your company sets out to achieve, a Linux Managed VPS from Terapower Hosting can provide you with an affordable, secure and scalable hosting solution.

Linux Managed VPS Hosting Features

Before you can choose a VPS hosting plan, you should know the key areas we take care of and what services we provide. Our managed VPS hosting features can remove some of the responsibility you have for monitoring your own server. Just some of the features we offer, include:

  • Software Updates

    Software used with your VPS hosting plan should be regularly updated to provide optimal performance. With our managed hosting, software can be upgraded on demand or new server software can be installed as soon as it’s available. This way you can begin using the latest and highest performing version of core software as soon as it’s released.

  • Upgraded Security

    Threats abound on the web, which makes security an important factor to your web presence and success. To keep the latest viruses, malware and other threats away, your managed VPS hosting plan will feature access to the latest security updates and patches for your core server software and operating system (OS). Important security updates are usually implemented automatically by the host.

  • Free Administration

    At Terapower Hosting we provide managed services that take care of common issues and requirements. We cover every major component of server maintenance and any specific requirements you may have. For this reason, we offer free administration with flexible hours, which is year round, 24-hour remote support that can carry out any task on your server. In fact, we offer 100% worry-free Terapower Management from our Support team.

  • Proactive Server Monitoring

    Even with the latest security patches and updates, your server can still be vulnerable to threats. Destructive methods, such as a distributed denial of server (DDoS) can be used to attack your system. A DDoS will prey on your failing security software and eventually overwhelm your entire server, leading to system failure. However, our proactive server monitoring can identify the earliest warning signs of this type of attack, indications of hardware failure or any software misconfiguration.

Managed Linux VPS Hosting from Terapower Hosting Shares Server Responsibility With You

Managed VPS Hosting is designed to closely resemble the functionality and features of a dedicated server. Your server is a virtual machine (VM), but it should behave almost exactly as a dedicated server behaves. This means it should have dependable performance, allocated system resources and full system access that allows you to work on your VPS hosting however you want. Full control of your server is what may tempt you to choose VPS hosting, but choosing this solution means shouldering the responsibility. You’ll have to monitor your own server for issues, keep up with your security and OS updates and install and reinstall software and software updates.

However, managed VPS hosting with Terapower Hosting can strike a balance between overwhelming full responsibility and no responsibility at all. Managed hosting will give you full control of your server while providing support from our IT specialists who are capable of keeping your server running properly. This way we share the responsibility of taking care of your server. Plus complex and time consuming server maintenance will be left to us.

Benefits of Managed VPS Hosting

There are many ways Linux Managed VPS hosting from Terapower can make your life easier, including:

  • Reducing the manpower used to run your server, which will translate into savings and time to focus on other business aspects
  • Lightening your workload to remove your responsibilities across three key areas: security, installation and monitoring.
  • Giving you room to focus on other initiatives to attract more web traffic, grow your online presence and generate additional revenue.
  • Combatting security threats by automatically checking for new software upgrades and patches, keeping up with Internet security news, and installing updates upon availability.
  • Giving you the room to focus on building a successful web presence.
  • Taking away the need for you to learn new techniques or skills for installing software and using other applications.

Get Started Now!

Managed VPS hosting from Terapower Hosting can ensure your virtual private server account runs safely and efficiently. It can also reduce your workload. This will help increase your online presence and make your website as successful as possible. We can give you the support you need at the times you need it while keeping you up-to-date and increasing your tech abilities and flexibility. This will only make your business more capable of dealing with the ever-changing business and web environment.

If you plan on reselling Hosting with cPanel/WHM, and you still don’t need a Dedicated Server, our managed VPS is the perfect solution for you. You can create unlimited Reseller accounts with your own WHM, unlimited cPanel accounts, within parameters assigned in your current VPS plan.
All of our KVM VPS come with Dedicated Resources and Super Fast Hard Disks with Flash SSD. We will solve any issue related to the server so you can concentrate on your own business.

You can host unlimited Websites, Databases, Email Accounts and much more in your VPS Managed by us. You can always increase resources or upgrade plans when ever necessary.

You receive free Management of your VPS and 24 hour Support. Our included Managed Service covers all Security Patches and Proactive Support for all issues related to the Server.

You can quickly and easily change your VPS plan at any time you need it. All your data, settings and sites will remain exactly as they are, but you will get more resources. In addition, at any time, you can add any individual updates you need.